Dental Care During Pregancy

Pregnancy is a busy time. There are doctor visits and baby showers. You are probably in the process of buying baby clothes, bottles, formula, and diapers. You are also getting a room ready for your new arrival, and at some point, you will need to pick out a name for your baby. In the middle of all this activity, don’t forget to see your dentist. Getting your regular cleaning and exam now will be one less thing to worry about when the baby comes, and you can take care of any dental problems before the big day.

If you are pregnant or think you might be, you should let your dentist know. The best time for routine dental work is during the second trimester of your pregnancy. This is when it will be most comfortable for you and safest for your baby. If you require x-rays, your dentist may want to postpone them, or, have you wear a lead-lined apron to protect your baby and a collar to protect your thyroid.

Pregnancy involves hormonal changes. One of the results of those changes is a heightened risk for gum disease. You should monitor the health of your gums, let your dentist know if you have any problems. Some of the symptoms of gum disease include swollen, red, tender and bleeding gums. You may also develop overgrowths on your gums which are also known as pregnancy tumors. Although they are harmless, your dentist can remove them if they cause you problems.

During your pregnancy, you may experience morning sickness. When that is accompanied by vomiting, the result will be stomach acids in your mouth, which will damage your teeth. After you vomit, rinse your mouth with water, and wait thirty minutes before you brush your teeth. If you brush right away, your saliva will not have time to neutralize and clean the acid, and you risk spreading the acid around your mouth.

If you need dental care before, during or after pregnancy, our dentist, Dr. Priti Dagli will be happy to see you. If you live in the Plainsboro, New Jersey area and would like to schedule an appointment at Plainsboro Dental Services, you can call 609-716-7100 today to plan your visit.

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