This Summer, Transform Your Smile with Dental Implants

This summer, transform your smile with dental implants. Dental implants are a highly advanced form of tooth replacement service that uses artificial teeth to permanently replace missing ones by attaching them directly to the bone in your jaw. Dental implants are customized to improve your oral health care and fill out your facial structure with a full smile that places emphasis on longevity, durability, and functionality. For a better understanding of the astounding benefits that dental implants have to offer, see the list below:

– With dental implants, you can reverse the effect missing teeth has on your jaw, which makes it weak and fragile if it lacks teeth to grip and hold.

– If you have lost or missing teeth, your face may look older, weaker and less attractive, which can be corrected with dental implants.

– Dental implants are customizable and can be molded and created to accomplish the needs your smile requires.

– A natural process that occurs with dental implants called Osseointegration will cause your jawbone and implant to grow tighter over time, and ensure less likelihood of slippage or failure.

For an oral examination at Plainsboro Dental Services at our dentist office in Plainsboro, New Jersey, please book an appointment with Dr. Priti Dagli and our team by calling 609-716-7100. We look forward to hosting your smile!

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