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One of the most affordable and most accessible methods to make your smile better is with teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening, administered by Priti Dagli, DDS, at Plainsboro Dental Services, offers a convenient way to achieve a noticeably brighter smile. Located in Plainsboro, New Jersey, Plainsboro Dental Services offers an easy way to whiten your teeth in just one hour. If you want to learn more, call or schedule a consultation online.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

What are the causes of yellow teeth?

Your teeth can turn yellow for a variety of reasons. Certain medications, age, and the things you drink and eat can all contribute. Beverages like red wine, coffee, and tea can leave surface stains on the enamel of your teeth and turn your teeth yellow. Major culprits also include smoking and tobacco.

Over time, these surface stains go beneath the enamel to the dentin of your tooth, making the stain even harder to remove.

Is whitening your teeth safe?

Certainly. Whitening your teeth is a safe process when you follow product guidelines and instructions. The team at Plainsboro Dental Services provides professional teeth whitening treatments for safe, satisfying results. You can get your teeth whitened in just one appointment or gradually with a take-home teeth whitening kit.

In both cases, the whitening solution is completely safe to put on your teeth and in your mouth. You may, however, experience temporary tooth and gum sensitivity due to the bleaching agents.

What's involved in an in-office teeth whitening procedure?

The in-office teeth-whitening process is simple and can potentially make your teeth up to eight shades brighter in just one visit.* During your visit, Dr. Dagli will fit lower and upper dental trays in your mouth. These trays will hold the hydrogen peroxide whitening solution.

Then, Dr. Dagli covers your lips and gums to shield them from the solution. After filling the trays with the bleaching solution, she positions a specialized bright light over your teeth. You sit back and relax as the bleach and light combine to whiten your teeth during three 15-minute treatments, all happening in a single visit.

You wait comfortably between treatments until your final bleaching treatment is complete, then your dental expert covers your teeth in a post-treatment gel to reduce any sensitivity you might have after the whitening. Then it’s finished. You have whiter teeth and a gorgeous smile in about an hour.

Dr. Dagli also offers at-home teeth-whitening kits for a more gradual approach to whitening teeth over a couple weeks.

Call or schedule a consultation at Plainsboro Dental Services to learn more about their in-office teeth-whitening treatments as well as take-home whitening options. You don't have to live with teeth stains and discoloration.

*Individual results may vary.