Published On: April 6, 2017

When a patient has lost one or more permanent teeth, a dental bridge in Plainsboro, New Jersey, may be recommended to restore their smile. A dental bridge is a dental restoration that closes the gap caused by missing teeth.

Dental Bridge Benefits
A dental bridge placed by Dr. Priti Dagli can do many things for the smile, including:

– Restore the functionality and beauty of a smile
– Allow the patient to eat and talk properly once again
– Maintain the face shape
– Properly distribute the bite by replacing missing teeth
– Keep the natural teeth from shifting

Dental Bridge Construction & Placement
To place a dental bridge, our dentist will first shape the teeth on either side of the gap to make room for the bridge. Impressions of the teeth are made so that the dental bridge can be custom made. The dental bridge will be made of a replacement tooth with dental crowns on either side. Once the dental bridge is finished, Dr. Priti Dagli will check the fit. The dental bridge is cemented into place after any necessary adjustments are made.

Living with a Dental Bridge
Eating with a dental bridge makes things easier, as it replaces missing teeth. While becoming accustomed to a dental bridge, the patient should eat soft foods that are cut into small pieces. Speaking clearly with missing teeth can be difficult. Having a dental bridge placed will allow the patient to speak properly.

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