Published On: August 7, 2017

Did you know that your mouth harbors millions of bacteria which can lead tooth decay and gum disease? For this reason, you want to remove this oral bacteria daily as an integral part of your oral hygiene routine. Essentially, brushing and flossing remove bacterial plaque from your pearly whites and around your gum line, but did you know that your tongue can also harbor bacteria?

Today we are going to talk about tongue scrapers and why they are a good tool in your oral care kit. Clearing away the bacterial buildup on your tongue will protect your smile and your oral health, making it a healthy habit. To accomplish this, many people find that a tongue scraper can easily assist in clearing debris. Let’s check it out!

Tongues scrapers can:

— Help prevent bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by bacteria in the mouth, and using a tongue scraper will eliminate this source and freshen your breath in the process.

— Allow you to fully taste your food again. How does this happen? Removing bacterial debris cleans the taste buds so that mucus and other debris which collects and coats the tongue can no longer block your taste buds. In essence, daily bacterial removal allows your taste buds to fully function properly.

— Can improve your overall health as well as your oral health. Cleaning away bacteria from the tongue means your body isn’t absorbing bacterial toxins. The more bacteria-free your mouth is the more your immune system benefits without the bacteria that causes gum disease, plaque buildup, and tooth decay.

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